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As opportunities for the Alliance to examine specific areas, the following working groups have been established on a working level and are engaged in activities.
This working group examines energy network equipment such as the heating conduits and transmission lines that make up the smart community energy network.
(District heating and cooling systems, valves, heat exchangers, power lines, heating conduits, power receiving and transforming equipment, computers, etc.)
This working group examines energy management systems, which entails analyzing and predicting smart community energy supply and demand and optimizing peak shifting and energy supply and demand balance.
(Surveying and optimization, construction of a EMS, communications and encryption, big data)
This working group examines sensing devices for Smart community power, heat, and environmental data, as well as devices used by end-users.
(Magnetic thin film, meters, sensors)
This working group examines the facilities and equipment that supply and store electricity and heat derived from renewable energy sources.
(Power sources, power storage, heat sources, heat storage, cogeneration, biogas)
This working group examines future-oriented lifestyles achievable by promoting low-carbon mobility through the usage of RT (robot technologies) in healthcare, RT in content, and mobility in fields that include health and social welfare using ICT, as well as through the deployment of city computers, etc.
【Role of the Alliance】
Made up of private enterprises, the Alliance works with the Sakishima District Smart Community Promotion Committee, comprised of persons of learning and experience and related Osaka City departments, and promotes the achievement of a smart community in the Sakishima District.